MISSAO CORPORATION is a professional art company with many years of experience
in Japan’s art business.

Art handling is a specialized field that requires extensive know-how.
Given the many different types of art available, it is critical to understand
their unique handling requirements.

MISSAO CORPORATION provides world-class Japanese techniques and know-how in art handling,
including methods for constructing suitable art storage environments,
along with methods for individual art storage, art packing and art conservation and restoration.

Our Techniques
and Know-how

Methods for Creating Suitable Art
Storage Environments
The Best Methods for Art Storage
Suitable Packing Materials for
Methods for Proper Art Packing
and Handling
Art Conservation and Restoration/Frame Repair
Art Cleaning (Mold Removal, etc.)
Art Condition Assessment
Art Transportation Techniques
General Handling Techniques such
as Packing and Transportation of
Luxury Goods (Furniture, Musical
Instruments, Jewelry, etc.)
Target Customers (Target Countries:
Emerging Asian Countries)

Transportation Companies, Warehouse Companies, Museums, and Art Galleries, etc.


Art Storage

We offer techniques and know-how about the most suitable temperature and humidity control, air conditioning and lighting control, and storage methods for art.


Art Packaging

We offer techniques and know-how on proper handling of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and antique furniture, etc., as well as packing methods and materials suitable for particular works of art.


Art Conservation and Restoration

Works of art can be damaged in various ways:
・Damage from microorganisms
・Damage from air pollution
・Damage from adhesive materials
・Deterioration over time, etc.

We offer techniques for both initial treatment and subsequent conservation - restoration of damaged works of art, as well as techniques and know-how for preventing damage.
We also provide information about obtaining certification as an art conservator - restorer, along with educational and overseas programs to obtain certification.

Passing on Japanese Technology and
We are committed to passing on Japan's superior techniques and know-how in art handling to other emerging countries in Asia. With the rapid economic development of emerging Asian countries, growing interest in culture and works of art has led to a dramatic increase in the volume of art being handled. Amidst these circumstances, we hope our experience and proven techniques can contribute to the development of culture and art in emerging Asian countries.